Freedom for Willy:

A film about the homecoming of killerwhale KEIKO, the famous "Free Willy" - Filmstar to the icelandic Westmanna Islands. A film about the media event when the whale was flown over from Newport Oregon/USA to Iceland. A film about inhabitants of the Westmanna Islands, about skepsis and fascination and not at least about KEIKO and his first 4 month in his new home in Klettsvik-Bay. How he and his care staff accommodate to the new surroundings and how they get through the first winterstorms.

30 minutes

Spirits of Iceland:

Vast landscapes and long winter days have from time to time immemorial given wings to the imagination of the Icelanders. Many believe that their sparesly populated island is full of invisible creatures. They live in rocks and mountains and even in the houses of the people. Although not every Icelander has seen elves or trolls or has personally come in touch with one of the old saga characters, almost everybody has at one time or other met a dead person. At the very least he is able to tell, on good authority, some inexplicable, mysterious stories that are guarented to have taken place. And because this densely populated invisible world is accepted as an integral part of life itself, it is even proctected by the powers that be. Once it even happened that a road was re-routed because the elves felt they were being disturbed...

45 minutes


Bissagos - Just Another Lovestory:

A film about the people of the Bissagos Islands in West Africa. On this remote islands the inhabitants are living like they have been doing for centuries. For Cumpridu's family hard times are approaching. The rules of the tribe demand that Cumpridu as other young men have to leave their wifes and children for ever...


45 minutes


Children in Africa:

Three five minutes stories about two little girls who live on the island Canyabaque in the Bissagos archipelago out of the coast of Guinea Bissau.

  • 1. Making a strawshirt
  • 2. Fetching drinking water
  • 3 Collecting mussels in the mangrove swamps

3 x 5 minutes

Iceland - At the lonely edge of Europa:

A film about the last post- pilot in Iceland, operating a small aviation company in the remote Westfjords. Every day when the weather allows Hördur Gudmundsson flies mail and passangers from fjord to fjord breaking the isolation of the small communities blocked by snow in the wintertime.
The film shows places and people where Hördur stops to deliver the mail. The farmers in the region as well as the life of the people in the small fishing villages We join Hördur when he has to fly in critical weather with patients who have to get to the hospital in Reykjavik. A life saving operation which like so many of that kind has made Hördur a hero of the people of the Westfjords - At the lonely edge of Europe is a documentary about aviation in winter in one of the most difficult regions in Iceland.

45 minutes

Lokinhamrar - to be or not to be.

When his neighbour passes away, the elderly farmer on Lokinhamrar farm is the last remaining person in his valley in the Northwest of Iceland. This is a beautiful and poetic film about a life that is in constant struggle with the harsh nature but yet somehow equally in harmony with it. It is about the Iceland of the past and at the same time the touching story of the old farmer Nonni who finds himself at a crossroads in his life.


45 minutes


 Cinderella´s Dream:

Models from Sibiria - the international fashion world has found a new resource. The film follows Olga, Xenia, Marina and Ira, four girls from Tomsk and Novosibirsk, on their journey to the big fashion cities of Paris and London. The road of these young Siberians goes straight into the center of the glamorous consumer-world of the wealthy West. And they carry with them the hope of being successful and to secure their own future and to help their families back home.


60 minutes



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